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Pay for qualified local calls from Google not clicks!

Google Local Service Ads, where you pay for actual calls, not just clicks. Embrace a smarter approach to digital marketing with Google Local Service Ads.

Only Pay for qualified calls from Google!

Revolutionize your local advertising strategy with Google Local Service Ads, where you only pay for qualified calls, not mere clicks. This targeted approach ensures that your investment is directly tied to genuine customer engagement. Attract more relevant leads, boost your local reputation, and see a tangible increase in ROI. Embrace the efficiency and effectiveness of paying only for qualified calls, and watch your local business thrive with Google’s innovative advertising solution.

How do local service ads work?

Engage your local community like never before with DMD Digital’s expertly crafted Google Local Service Ads. Designed to place your services at the forefront of Google searches, our approach ensures that your business stands out precisely when customers are looking for you. 

Benefit from our unique pay-per-lead model that focuses your investment on real customer leads, significantly boosting your return on investment. With DMD Digital, navigate Google’s verification seamlessly, establishing your business as a trusted local provider.

Our targeted Local Service Ads, tailored to your specific services and localities, ensure your advertising reaches the right audience, transforming your local market presence.

 Ideal for a wide range of service-oriented businesses, partnering with DMD Digital doesn’t just increase visibility; it revolutionizes your community engagement and drives sustainable growth. 

Start your journey with us and leverage the full potential of Local Service Ads for strategic business advancement and robust community ties.


How can your local business get started with local service advertising?

Begin your Local Service Advertising journey with DMD Digital, and take a pivotal step in enhancing your online presence and local customer engagement. Our process starts with a comprehensive consultation to align our strategies with your business goals and service area. We then smoothly guide you through Google’s verification process, boosting your business’s credibility and trustworthiness.

Crafting a compelling Local Service Ad profile is next, where we highlight what makes your business unique. Budgeting is key, and our specialists ensure your investment is wisely spent on leads that are most likely to convert, thanks to Google’s pay-per-lead model.

But our support doesn’t end with the ad launch. We’re committed to ongoing management and optimization of your campaign, fine-tuning strategies to ensure your business resonates with the local community. With DMD Digital, your journey in Local Service Advertising is more than just running an ad; it’s about forging a sustainable, growth-focused local marketing strategy that drives real business success.

Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency
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Leveraging digital marketing for any business requires a broad set of talent, tools, and strength in numbers. Let our team take care of the heavy lifting while we work with you to identify which strategy will be the most beneficial for your business to maximize your reach and exposure.

local service ad packages

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Explore Our Array of Local Service Ads Plans – Tailored for Every Local Business Challenge. From businesses taking their first step into local advertising to those seeking to amplify their current presence, our customized Local Service Ads packages are designed to align seamlessly with your unique business needs. Can’t find a plan that perfectly suits your requirements? Worry not! Reach out to us for a custom-crafted solution by DMD Digital, specifically designed to achieve your distinct goals within your budget. Together, let’s develop a Local Service Ads strategy that delivers tangible outcomes and elevates your local business impact.

Local Service Ad Package



Best for business of all sizes

Custom LSA Ads Strategy

Track calls & clicks

Unlimited Monthly Ad Spend

Completely managed solution

Transparent Monthly Reports

Does google allow local service ads for your business?

Determining if Google Local Service Ads are right for your business is crucial, and DMD Digital is your expert guide. Google’s criteria focus on local service-based industries, and our team specializes in evaluating your business’s fit for these ads. We ensure you meet Google’s standards and are poised to leverage this potent advertising tool.

The range of businesses eligible for Local Service Ads is diverse, covering sectors from home repair to wellness services. Google’s thorough verification, including licensing and insurance checks, is key to building customer trust. DMD Digital simplifies this process, aiding in documentation preparation and profile optimization to meet Google’s guidelines.

Once verified, DMD Digital takes charge of your ad campaigns. Our focus is on targeting the right local audience, setting a budget in line with your goals, and ongoing ad optimization. With us, you’re assured that your business not only meets Google’s criteria but also stands out in the local market.

Partnering with DMD Digital is the beginning of a journey to utilize Google Local Service Ads effectively. We’re committed to turning your eligibility into growth opportunities, ensuring your business fully capitalizes on this innovative advertising medium to connect with customers and grow locally.

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